TODOs, or task lists, are designed to help Lobster users to plan their work related to projects. Each TODO is connected to a Project, and therefore, TODOs helps to structure the progress of projects.

It is possible to create a new TODO anywhere in Lobster. Clicking the circle with + button on the top right of any page and selecting Add new TODO from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, it is possible to add a new TODO from Project’s TODO-tab by clicking + New TODO button.

It is possible to add a new TODO on any page by clicking on the button top right or on the TODO tab on any Project.

In either case, in the next step, TODO editing form will open. It is possible to either to create a new TODO or edit an existing one with the form.

Basic info

The Name of a TODO is mandatory information to provide. Furthermore, each TODO belongs to a project, so it is mandatory to choose a Project for a TODO. The appropriate project is selected from a dropdown menu. Lobster chooses the correct Project automatically if the TODO is created from a Project’s TODO tab.

Basic info, also, includes start and end date for the TODO. Dates are optional. Setting a start date to the future hides the TODO on most views until the start date is reached. Incomplete TODOs with end date are also shown on the project timeline.

Responsible users

It is a good idea to define a responsible user or users for a TODO. Defining more the one responsible is the case, for example, when a group of users are gathering background information for a memorandum or a statement. Setting up a stakeholder meeting is also a typical TODO item with one or more users responsible for arrangements.

TODOs are automatically added to the Dashboard of users responsible for the TODO.

One or more users can be responsible for a TODO.


TODOs description includes basic information about the task(s). The field is a free text field, so it is possible to write to the extent necessary and use different formatting.


Picking stakeholders to a TODO helps to arrange, for example, stakeholder meetings or seminars.

It is easy to convert a TODO to an Action whenever it is needed. Typically, the convert is done when a stakeholder meeting is confirmed. The conversion is possible on TODOs page by clicking CONVERT TO ACTION button. As a result, the TODO is marked as done and Lobster copies the primary information from TODO, for example, stakeholders to a new action.

TODOs are project related task lists. TODOs can be easily converted to Actions.

As the stakeholder search is free text, users can search, for example, by name, title, or organization. In addition, Stakeholders can be found with tags; For example, Lobster’s Master Data has Germany tag. Each MEP from Germany has the same tag, and the same applies to other countries as they have a tag with name of their respective countries.

This instruction is a part of multipart instruction covering the main process of Lobster. Please see Theme-Project-Todo-Action text for more information: Read here…