Lobster’s team has used hours and hours to make the service as easy to use as possible. Even though Lobster is intuitive there are basics to cover in Lobster’s Getting Started tutorial.

This page is dedicated to gathering all the necessary individual tutorials to get things going with Lobster. There are two main parts for the whole:
1) Getting started which covers the basics of Lobster starting from stakeholder related features.
2) Process covers the backbone of Lobster: Themes, Projects, TODOs and Actions. The best practise process gives a clear structure, but at the same time, it provides flexibility to facilitate different operating models.
3) Lobster’s Master Data contains several thousand stakeholders key information. Now all this information is in your use, with just a few clicks, saving valuable work time for actual planning of your project.

1) Getting started

Lobster’s Global Search

Stakeholder related tutorials

Organisation related tutorials

2) Process

Theme-Project-Todo-Action tutorial

3) Master Data